Friday 8 July 2022

番長 Taste - Passed Out In Petals

Can a 3-minute instrumental be epic? Yes, yes it can. This is an interpretation of the US underground where grunge never happened, the SST and Homestead labels are the gold standard and those early Guided By Voices albums are scripture.

Passed Out In Petals is one dirty, nagging riff run through a 10-cent distortion pedal. There's no great mystery, no puzzle to complete: it starts, bulldozes everything in its way, then ends abruptly because it's finished. As you might be. Your only job is to play it again. And again.

You want biography and discography? Unimportant. Apart from they're from New Zealand so I'm sure correctly prefer The Gordons to Sonic Youth, and they're based in Japan. There are other records under other names, but Passed Out In Petals by Taste is the only one that counts now.

On the ever-reliable I Dischi Del Barone label.

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