Sunday 17 July 2011

Puzzle Pieces

The classic college rock sound - melodic maelstroms like Dinosaur Jr, fast and furious like Husker Du - has been picked up by the Puzzle Pieces label on their first two releases.

Four Eyes' four-track 7", Towards The End Of Cosmic Loneliness, pulls off that rare trick of offering nothing new but sounding completely fresh. If you've been picking up the Outdoor Miners singles or remember The Edsel Auctioneer and The Pale Saints with fondness then this is an essential record.

Bad Banana whip it up even harder and faster on Cry About It - their pop-punk is a kindred spirit to Sourpatch - but can slow it down a touch and be just as effective on the whip-smart Boys With Girlfriends.

Puzzle Pieces are giving these singles away as free downloads, but at only $4 a piece for the vinyl, and with reasonable shipping costs, you should buy them.

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