Thursday 21 July 2011


Two self-styled Philly brat punks, like PENS with filthy minds, like Psychedelic Horseshit with an even smaller recording budget and like Daphne & Celeste if they’d grown up on Sonic Youth and Bikini Kill.

They’ve got a song called Seventh Grade which is an anthem to dirty teenage love and starts:
You smell like piss
My heart beat's fast as shit
It starts like this
God, I really hoped for it

They’ve got a four-track 7”, Pretend To Be Nice, that's all killer and is ruled by No Offense:

They’ve got a digital album Sorry I’m Not Sorry that’s wonderfully scatological, scuzzy and funny, with great song titles (Smells Like Milk and Teen Mom, for instance). You’ll love this band. If you don’t, then they’ll write a song about how much of a shit-for-brains loser you are.

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