Wednesday 13 July 2011

Todd Shuster (ex-Impossible Years)

Todd Shuster of The Impossible Years has a CD of twenty songs recorded at home on 4-track cassette between 1988 and 1997. Many of the songs on My Report Card match the quality of The Impossible Years' Dreamworld ep, and all carve out their territory either in paisley psychedelia or urgent beat pop.

There are enough great lost songs to make My Report Card a treasure trove worth the attention of any indiepop or psych fan. One of the jewels is I Agree, which was the first song Shuster wrote for the pre-Impossible Years band, The Jags:

If there are a few occasions over the twenty songs when the influences are a little too obvious (1967 vintage Pink Floyd and The Beatles) then Shuster has enough charm to set out his own Carnaby Street stall convincingly. My Report Card is being sold at a bargain price - email Todd at to score your deal.


  1. My Report Card is wonderful release and it's strange how The Impossible Years have been forgotten, but maybe this will soon change. I had been searching for Todd for many years and finally tracked him down to inquire about him doing a Television Personalities cover for our tribute series and he agreed and "Someone To Share My Life With" will be featured on the next volume. Get in touch if you would like to hear it. - Wally

    ps - The Puddle will also be on this volume

  2. I've heard it - the whole volume - thanks to The Puddle. Some really good stuff on there.