Saturday, 31 December 2011

Friends Of The Family

Friends Of The Family were a great little band who lasted two singles in 1987. Their debut Rotten To The Core remains my favourite, but as that's been uploaded by others before here are two songs from their second single, the Three Fat Men On A Bicycle ep:

 Lucibelle Green


Their schoolfriend Clare Wadd interviewed them for the final issue of her Kvatch fanzine. I promised someone (Matthew from Shelflife, I think) on a messageboard a few years ago that I'd upload that interview once I'd dug out the fanzine. The interview covers flexidiscs, 12" singles and major labels.

All indiepop fanzines in 1987 covered these topics. If you were really unlucky you'd also get a vegan cake recipe when what you actually wanted was another insight from David Gedge about the convenience of the Newport Pagnell service station on the M1 from Leeds to London. 

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