Monday 12 December 2011

The Jhamels: A Road To Nowhere

The Jhamels did superior sunny California soul with one eye on late night smoky nightclubs. I know about 5 singles - all miniature mod club gems - but A Road To Nowhere from 1967 is the classic. Thousands of great soul songs from this era disappeared, but I've no idea why this hasn't been reissued. Pop perfection in two minutes. You couldn't really ask for more.


  1. As a former member of "The Jhamels" I thank you for your kind words and for putting our song on your Website.

    Thanks again,
    J. Rowin

    1. Hi John.......Love the record you guys recorded for Igloo titled"I've Cried.....its one of my absolute favorites......could you give me any info about the session/Label,etc? would greatly be appreciated....all the best....Mike

    2. Hey John! I absolutely love your guys' tunes. I work for a radio station in Santa Cruz and would love to talk and find out more about the Jhamels! Please let me know if you'd be interested

  2. My pleasure! Hope life's treating you well and one day soon we'll see The Jhamels' records reissued.