Sunday 4 December 2011

Weekend: Red

Weekend - Hazel by Slumberland Records
The most astonishing record of 2010 was All-American by Weekend: released in demo form, it summoned a violent upheaval that destroyed all other guitar bands in its wake. It was the sort of sonic destruction that happens rarely and leaves you open-mouthed and gasping for air: remember when you first heard My Bloody Valentine switch to You Made Me Realise? Weekend bolted out of the blocks full-throttle with a game-changer.

A year on from the Sports album, Weekend have been struck by lightning again. Somewhere in Red's volcanic maelstrom there are pop songs being kicked in the face. I can sense the ghost of AR Kane; there may be other reference points, but with Weekend there's the distinct idea that they're on their own.

Weekend's music is so impressive that other bands are bound to try to bottle their alchemy, but Weekend are surely the only band who can find the light in their own dark trail.

Yes, this ep came out ages ago. I held on for the delayed release of the splattered vinyl:


  1. "Somewhere in Red's volcanic maelstrom there are pop songs being kicked in the face."

    best description ever

  2. Cheers, man! Really want to see them live again. Hope they make it to the UK soon.

  3. You are lucky to have seen them already, I know they played Margate but that was a bit too far from London... they should play here as I saw The Soft Moon the other month and the show was rammed.
    LP number 2 is on it's way so here's hoping...