Sunday 26 February 2012


If this is old news, move along now, but I just picked up Boomgates' debut 7": Bright Idea sounds like it was written during a drinking session in which Pebbles compilations, Kinks albums and tuff punk was played non-stop, and then dispatched with a minimum of fuss and bother in a garage.

Cameo is even better. The female/male switch vocals recall The Hummingbirds, Grant McLennan's pop mastery is in there (the spoken word bit takes you right back to Cattle and Cane) and the easy breeze of big crunchy guitars says Smudge.

If you're thinking Black Eyes by The Twerps, then right, this Melbourne band has a Twerp in its ranks. There are other songs, but no more releases. That's something that should happen. Boomgates - Bright idea by smartguy


  1. there are two boomgates 7"s and a split 7"... the other 7" is just as amazing, i've only listened to the split a couple times but wasn't as crazy about it.

    you can get all three boomgates 7"s domestically here:

  2. Thanks, Ned, I've put in my order.