Monday 20 February 2012

An interview with Judy Evans from Girls At Our Best!

This interview is from the excellent Dreams Never End fanzine (1988, I think). Indiepop fanzines in the late 80s had two ways of guaranteeing sales: the old-fashioned way of badgering people at gigs to buy it; or having a flexi disc to persuade people to part with their cash.

Dreams Never End had that rare thing - a splash. Who could resist sending off for a publication featuring an interview with Judy Evans from Girls At Our Best!? Not me.
This is incredibly difficult for me to remember - was it 2 world tours or 3?
While not wanting to be ‘ideologically sound’, one must realise that beauty, sex & desire all play an enormous role in the portrayal & success of bands & denying that is just na├»ve & dishonest. I think the most successful bands challenge accepted ideas of desirability, ‘beauty’ & sex, they manipulate & subvert them for their own ends. What I suppose I’m saying is that all good bands by their very nature are sexy & attractive in some way. (As a matter of interest, we all agreed that I should never appear on record covers, posters etc.)


  1. Excellent. That quote about playing around with notions of beauty sex and desire is spot on.

  2. I thought so. I was going to use it in the Sarah Records post, but there had to be a limit on length. Some people might see a connection.

  3. I'm doing a content refresh of my Girls At Our Best! web site and came across this page. Do you mind if I add this to

    I'm happy to either republish and give you full credit and a link or direct people here. Choice is yours, I have no intention on stealing others' work.

  4. Warren - please add it to your excellent site. A link will be great - I merely reproduced the article from a fanzine, so my only credit is storing it for 25 years!