Monday 9 April 2012

Clare Grogan and Talulah Gosh

Four years ago, dispute arose between the normally placid indiepop veterans Gregory Webster and Peter Momtchiloff. Conventional wisdom has it that Talulah Gosh were named after Clare Grogan's stage name. Greg disputed this: "As the person who originally suggested that they call themselves Talulah Gosh, I can confirm that it has absolutely fuck all to do with Clare Grogan NME interviews and was entirely to do with Bugsy Malone."

Pete countered: "Greg may have suggested it as the name, that is quite possible. I will challenge him when drunk."

At this point, fearing the first ever drunken fisticuffs over Talulah Gosh, I stepped in and said I would scan the NME interview where Clare Grogan says her stage name is Talulah Gosh. The Did Not Chart Rapid Response Team sprang into action and a mere 4 (FOUR) years later, here's the proof. I understand that Greg and Pete are only speaking through their lawyers - makes a change from their arses, eh? - and hope that they can now bury the hatchet.


  1. you should write a book. seriously. f** captchas!

  2. As it takes the DNC Rapid Response team four years to spring - panther-like, admittedly - into action to write a blog post, a book might be too much of a stretch. But thank you for the kind words.