Monday 23 April 2012

The Go-Betweens live in Paris, 1996: Bachelor Kisses

In 1996 the French music magazine Les Inrockuptibles voted 16 Lovers Lane the best album in their 10-year history. They put The Go-Betweens on the cover with the strapline "The Go-Betweens, the most underrated band in the rock history" and gave away the 16 Lovers Lane Acoustic Demos CD.

Grant McLennan and Robert Forster went to Paris to play as The Go-Betweens to celebrate their award in front of their French fans. I went, too. So what if my boss wouldn't give me the day off? I left the job instead. I never liked her or the job that much. I always loved The Go-Betweens.

There's a Grant McLennan tribute gig on May 6 at the Hangover Lounge in London, starring David Westlake, Pete Astor, Phil King and more besides. Before then, here's one of Grant's finest from that gig.


  1. Loved this post, Ben!!
    Les Inrockuptibles were sooooooo right! The Go-betweens is not only the most underrated band in rock history, it's the best band in the last 40 years. The absolute soundtrack to my life.

    I wanted to follow them on the 2005 tour when they were in the UK but I never did. I only went to their London gig. A year later Grant passed away...I regret it to this very day :-(

    The tribute gig was so moving..hope you do something equally amazing this year.

    Christos xxx

  2. Thanks, Christos. We've got an amazing line-up this year. You will love all three acts. I'll announce it soon, but keep Sunday May 5 free in your diary.