Saturday 14 April 2012

Sandy McLean reviews the singles

The singles one week in 1987, that is. Sandy McLean, then of the 53rd and 3rd label, now of Glasgow's Love Music record shop (formerly Avalanche Glasgow) said of Josef K's Heaven Sent: "This stuff is at least six years old, but it sounds great; very current guitar noises all over the place...did someone say 'ahead of their time'?" As true then as ever.

Mr McLean describes The Rain Fell Down by Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes as "PURE POP PUNK SPANGLE". And he was right about that, too.

These reviews came photocopied in my promo copy of Heaven Sent (I bought a lot of review copies of records in the late 80s in second-hand record shops because they were cheaper - just the same as your regular copy but with maybe a sticker on the sleeve and a press release inside).

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