Sunday 24 June 2012

exlovers - Moth

Exlovers write pop songs and then put their foot on the fuzzbox. They sound like Ride when they got it right (This Love Will Lead You On), like they’ve found unreleased demos for The Cure’s Wish and sprinkled magic dust on them (Just A Silhouette) and like Dinosaur Jr covering The Cure (Blowing Kisses).

They don’t sound nearly as like My Bloody Valentine as some people reckon. Moth is a great guitar pop record like The Lemonheads’ It’s A Shame About Ray or the very best of Everything’s Alright Forever and Giant Steps by The Boo Radleys. Moth is what The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s debut might sound like freed from the cleansing production that stole those songs’ bite, snarl and personality.

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