Tuesday 26 June 2012

The third Wolfhounds Peel Session

The Wolfhounds were brutally, beautifully loud. Many of the records they made between 1986 and 1990 stand up today as some of the best records of that era.

The tail end of 1988 was enriched by three brilliant singles from very different bands who'd never quite found an audience:

• Elephant Stone - The Stone Roses

• There She Goes - The La's

• Rent Act - The Wolfhounds

Everyone knows what happened to the first two bands. The Wolfhounds were just as good, but never got the break. They split up in 1990 leaving a fine legacy.

Their final Peel Session was broadcast on 1 February 1988:

Happy Shopper

William Randolf Hearse

Son Of Nothing

EDIT: I originally uploaded Rule Of Thumb from the previous Peel Session. I've corrected that. And, yes, all three Wolfhounds Peel Sessions would make a great album, and an official release would give these songs higher fidelity than my ropey old tapes.

Non-Specific Song


  1. Many thanks for posting this. For years I thought I must have imagined this session! The first two sessions are quite easily obtainable , but this is the first time I've seen this session anywhere on the net. Great to hear it again :-)

  2. It's not even listed on the Keeping It Peel site.

  3. My pleasure (though, of course, all plaudits to The Wolfhounds for recording the session itself). Yeah, I noticed it wasn't on the KIP site, but it is listed in the John Peel Sessions book.

  4. Anyone know where I can find the second Wolfhound session, the only link i could find is dead.