Monday, 4 June 2012

Willie West & the High Society Brothers - Cold In The Storm

Cold In The Storm makes it a hat trick of intense, slow-burning soul 45s for Willie West's collaboration with the High Society Brothers (or the Soul Investigators, as they're called when do their fantastic work with Nicole Willis, and Myron & E).

She's So Wise on the flip nudges the pace to midtempo and sets itself in the smoky late 60s club soul scene. A win-win on what is essentially a double a-side and a fine advert for the forthcoming Lost Soul album.


  1. Corker! I'll be parting with some of my pennies for that. Great tip, thanks.


    PS Haven't commented for a wee while but I'm still reading, still enjoying and still discovering. Cheers, chap!

  2. All of their singles are worth your pennies! I think generally people comment less on blogs - discussion tends to take place on FB and twitter.