Thursday 6 September 2012

Dignan Porch: Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen

What a difference two years makes! Dignan Porch's 2010 debut album, Tendrils, has several diamonds in the rough. It's a record I love. 2012's follow up, Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen, is fuller and richer and even better. Its pop hooks soar, its keyboards swirl and its guitars go straight to the heart. Once upon a time, Super Furry Animals nearly made a record as good as this. I can't give it higher marks.

You could easily say this album is bookended by its best tracks - both Picking Up Dust and You Win You Win are solid gold hits - but everything in between is just as vital. There's new wave energy and garage rock hedonism (sometimes on the same song - check Cancelled TV Shows to find your new favourite song), there's wonky Teardrop Explodes pop (Sixteen Hits) and quirky XTC-style psychedelia (She Is Landing).

There's more besides all that: this is very definitely the work of one of Britain's most captivating (you must see them live), most exciting bands. The next time someone tells you the British indie underground is dead, play them this. If they don't change their mind, then it's the listener who's dead.

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