Thursday, 13 September 2012

Society - All That We've Become

This one sells itself. It's that good. Dramatic, perfectly poised and trembling with rich mystique. If you want a standard selling point, try 'the new Portishead'. All That We've Become took me back to 1999 when Plutonik - a band of much promise with some modern classics to their name - were meant to do to drum'n'bass what Portishead did to trip hop. That they didn't (in sales terms) shouldn't diminish their quality.

In the same year was Junkie XL's Zerotonine, another of Society's kindred spirits. More? Try Giving Up by Gladys Knight & the Pips for theatrical gloom. Tindersticks noir, for sure. All of those things and more. Society stand up on their own.

Spookily, I see that Plutonik's album, Prime Numbers, is about to be reissued.

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