Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sweater Girls Were Here

Sweater Girls make indiepop like it used to be: fuzzy guitars, crystal clear melodies and a lyrical pre-occupation with youth's intense emotions. This is an album about crushes, kisses and recriminations, and it sounds fantastic.

Their influences might most obviously be The Byrds' sunny 60s jangle, the Ramones' punk simplicity and The Ronnettes' melancholy pop, but these twelve songs are as fresh as new paint. I fancy there's a sly nod to The Springfields' Sunflower on Fred, but Sweater Girls transcend their influences so well that they own their sound.

There are plenty of bands who have tried to make this sort of record in recent years - you know who they are - but didn't have the class to cut it. Sweater Girls Were Here goes to the top of the class and gives indiepop a good name..

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  1. looking forward to getting this - their singles were great!