Sunday, 30 December 2012

Camperdown & Out

It's no surprise that 2013's first great record is Australian. Camperdown & Out number four people who are, natch, all in other bands, most notably Chris Shortt who also plays in Royal Headache.

Boomgates' Rick Milovanovic says:
Oh my god, man. This band. Honestly, like, I don't know. Like I was watching them going "I wish I could play in this band." My mate Dave plays bass in it and I've already tried to think of ways to assassinate him or something so that I would be asked to play bass in this band. They're so awesome.
The only real surprise is that Camperdown and Out are from Sydney as they sound more like the Melbourne scene bands Scott & Charlene's Wedding and The Twerps and Pop Singles.

Actually, there's just as much Christchurch going on and there's definitely some Go-Betweens. 16 Lovers Lane was recorded in Sydney, wasn't it? This is starting to make sense.

The Camperdown & Out! album is out 'early 2013'. All I need to do is find a UK distributor. 2013 resolution: spend more money on records than postage.


  1. As their name suggests, perhaps a nod towards Camper Van Beethoven. Not heard of tis group before - will definately be checking them out. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Camperdown is the Sydney suburb where they're from - just like Lower Plenty are named after their Melbourne suburb - but they might be nodding towards CVB as well.