Monday 10 December 2012

Lower Plenty - Hard Rubbish

Lower Plenty is a suburb of Melbourne with the highest incidence of UFO babies in Australia [citation needed]. Lower Plenty's back-porch folk is spare, unusual, captivating and richly romantic.

This album came out months ago. It's another record I bought off recommendation from Wooly Bully. I thought these things:

  • there's some Lee Hazlewood in there
  • if Moldy Peaches hadn't played the goofball card so heavily they'd have sounded this good
  • Nullarbor sounds like the lost child of Dick Diver's Interstate Forever
  • maybe they just turned the tape recorder on and trusted that whatever happened was right
  • there isn't anything quite like this

After looking up the band, turns out one of Lower Plenty is in Dick Diver and that they did just record first take to an eight-track reel-to-reel. The other points still hold true, I reckon.

Apparently, there was a Lower Plenty cassette, so there probably is something else like Hard Rubbish. I haven't heard it. I'd love to.

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