Monday 24 December 2012

Listening to Limay

I must declare an interest:

in Maurice Deebank-era Felt

in the wonder of music

in Michael Head & the Strands

in being part of the Hangover Lounge who are releasing what might just be the best album of 2013.

Of course this conflict of interest affects my judgment. I'd only release records I love. My only hope is that they're all as brilliant as Limay.

Limay is an album with no lyrics and a thousand images. It's a record in psychedelia's slipstream. It's 10 songs that career from autumnal acoustic light to full-pelt electric experimental summer pop.

This is a record that bounces off seven corners of a three-walled room. It's Hacia Dos Veranos's third album and it's their best.

The tapes went to the pressing plant last week. It's released in February 2013.

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