Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bands that aren't The Cave Weddings

Purple Slumber and Longing Dream sound like a lost Cave Weddings single – garage rock rumble, riffs that won’t let go and enough sunlight getting through the post-punk gloom to see the way ahead. It’s on glow-in-the-dark vinyl, too.

Yeah, it does seem melodramatic to lust after a ‘lost’ single by a band who released two singles and a CD ep in 2009/10, but, Jesus, they were good records. Vacations have nothing to do with The Cave Weddings: it’s Jack Bruce, late of the Fungi Girls, a band I never got into, probably because the tipping point of bands with ‘girls’ in the name had been reached by then.

Did you see that interview Lawrence did with Girls 4 years ago? A ‘source very close to Lawrence’ told me that Lawrence thought he was going to interview a girl band and was very keen on the idea. He was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be 2 blokes.

Winter Bear really does feature a Cave Weddings alumnus, namely Erin Dorbin. This time round Erin has gone for girl group punk ramalama with the high spots of The Shangri-Las and the sweet spots of The Flips.

Each side is done and dusted in around 2 minutes. I’m left wanting more.

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