Saturday, 24 August 2013

Colour Me Wednesday: I Thought It Was Morning

This record is full of whip-smart lines and punchy riffs like Kenickie, smash’n’grab power pop like Cheap Trick and pummelling college rock hooks like Blake Babies. Due to their age (“it’s like I failed my teens/now I’m failing my 20s” they opine on Shut) and sass (femme anthem You’re Not My No 1 Bastard) then it’s Kenickie they’re closest to.

I Thought It Was Morning sounds like a 1990s album, but the ska punk is way more Elvis Costello than…well, put it this way, they’d eat Gwen Stefani for breakfast. If, like me, you saw Colour Me Wednesday 18 months ago, bought the demos CD and then came straight to this album, you’d expect ska or at least the bass to be more prominent.

The bassist held them together then. I’m sure he was wearing an Elvis Costello t-shirt at one gig. He’s not in the band now; the sound is different not just because of that, though. Colour Me Wednesday are now better drilled and spikier and hit the target every time.

Like The Tuts, with whom they share a member, I Thought It Was Morning suggests very strongly that their snappy, waspish punk-pop could soon be taken to a much bigger audience. I really hope it does.

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