Monday, 26 August 2013

Web of Sunsets

Fool's Melodies is back-porch psychedelia like Woods' Bend Beyond, singer Sara Bischoff has a disaffected croon similar to Hope Sandoval ("and I hope that we all have a lullaby to take the weight away") and the numbing country rock had me reaching for Marianne Faithfull's Sister Morphine.

Neon Blood on the b-side is no less assured and states the case very clearly that Web of Sunsets' debut album (currently being mastered) will rank alongside Georgiana Starlington's Paper Moon and Mazzy Star's return as 2013's most rewarding bittersweet pills.


  1. Excuse me. Where did you get this from? Yours, Colin.

  2. Ah, I was hoping there may be a UK distributor/ stockist. 20 dollars is quite a lot for one 7" single...
    Yours, Col

  3. You're telling me! I'm spending way more on postage than records some weeks.