Tuesday, 19 November 2013

First Base album

Robert Forster reckons you can get a fairly good fix on a person by knowing how early they stopped buying Ramones records. Something similar could be said for bands. If they've got just the first 5 Ramones studio albums, then they can play bubblegum pop punk with a maximum of pizazz, a minimum of fuss and - crucially - know when to quit.

First Base blast through 12 songs in half an hour like their Ramones collection runs from the debut to End of the Century. This album is good-time guitar pop with the simplicity of doo wop that really couldn't be any simpler and clearer in its intentions - the songs are pretty much all about girls and summer (ok, the lyrics to I Don't Wanna Be Your Dog might suggest something darker).

I imagine that next to the Ramones their favourite records are Denis by Blondie and the Grease soundtrack. If you ever get bored of this record, some other band will have a go using the same formula. Chances are they won't have quite the flair and vitality as First Base, so enjoy this one while it's fresh out the box.

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