Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Creases: I Won't Wait

I Won't Wait wants to fly as high as The Byrds and jangle like The Beatles' If I Needed Someone. It kind of does, you know, but no more than, say, Relax by fellow Australians Chook Race.

Fun To Lose on the b-side is a noisy garage buzz, sort of like Teenage Fanclub when they took the nagging, insistent riffs of grunge's forefathers to classic pop.

The Creases' Rough Trade deal will get them more coverage than any of the other equally deserving brilliant Australian bands. I hope that Bitch Prefect and Scott & Charlene's Wedding, who likewise trade in superior Feelies-style punky jangle and ramshackle noise, get a bit more notice if The Creases blow up.

Make no mistake, this is great and a reminder that in the past couple of years the Australian underground has had no equal.

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