Saturday 30 November 2013

A Postcard Records Catalogue

Or "catalogh", if you will. This comes from May 1993 with it own catalogue number, Dubh 9310. It's basically an A3 poster: on one side reviews, soundbites and slogans cut and pasted in punk-rock fanzine collage style; on the other, the catalogue itself with invective, vituperation and a declaration: "This is not an independent record label. This is a secret organisation."

Best of all is the history and mnifeso, The Virtuosos of unspecific anger

Postcard ran for just over a year on an explosive fuel of anger, ego, hysteria and everyday insanity. Chaos! Although it can't have been total chaos, 'cause we got a lot done. Decisions would be based on an emotional repose rather than business calculation or hadn't you guessed? We were very young and made it up as we went. You see, there were no ground rules then. We were inventing the rules.

It was a pretty perverse vision and it was important not to let anyone's reality impinge. It seemed to me integral to maintain an almost fascist approach. Edwyn still accuses me of setting up as the arbiter of taste! We were quite wonderfully arrogant, anti-RockBiz, anti-FalseModesty - the trappings of a Scottish Presbyterian upbringing. fuck the Church, Fuck the Government. Fuck Fuck Fuck teh Fuck - y'know the sort of thing you go through it. Actually. I think I got stuck at that bit. Oh dear!

So anyway, it was an instant success. Knickerbocker Glorys every day! But with the sugar came pressure - those awful feelings of responsibility. And the opportunists arrive. And the internal bickering just went on and on. Such is life the the Young and Mental. Self-destruct time!

I sort of came out of the fog later in the eighties., like a hangover that went on ofr a year or so. And then were was Live Aid,. Gay Disco became the chart music. There was lots of 'corporate rock'. Everything was easy-listening, then a grungey new punk type thing run by the multi-nationals and lots of recycling.

It was all sort of nothing. If it wasn't for CDs it would have been over by now.

(extract from radio interview with Alan Horne)

Well, that's that. No more oldes or unreleased stuff. Fin! Now I am free. Free to go forward, a birght new future in an off-world colony, a chance to begin again. I will dance! I will laugh, every day will be the first day of spring. I think I'll get myself one of those computers I've heard so much about.

Lord I am ready, lead me on.

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