Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Christmas gift from New Zealand

Two generations of New Zealand pop, the brand new Trick Mammoth and the ageless Puddle, have joined forces for if not exactly a xmas single, then a single out for xmas.

It's a Puddle song with the Mammoth's (as no one's calling them) Millie and Adrian adding backing vocals for extra atmos. Hedgehog Hill is sleight-of-hand psychedelia, matching pastoral wonder with lysergic fantasy in a melodic tailspin. If you're wondering what that repeated refrain is, it echoes The Go-Betweens' Cattle and Cane.

And if you've just come to the new sound of Dunedin, this is the right moment to discover some older sounds in The Puddle's catalogue. Start with last year's Secret Holiday/Victory Blues and lose yourself backwards.

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