Sunday, 1 December 2013

Aztec Camera biography and personal stats

This is sweet. In 1985, Sire issued Backwards and Forwards, an Aztec Camera 10" (in a 10" x 12" sleeve), with a biography of the band and vital statistics of each member. It seems like the label was going for the mass teen market.

Of course, why wouldn't the label or the band have that ambition? But as experience shows, quality or even critical acclaim don't go hand in hand with commercial success. Despite Mark Knopfler producing Knife the year before, the gap between million-selling Dire Straits and Aztec Camera was obvious to radio stations.

A subtle interpretation of Van Halen's Jump maybe persuaded some Aztec Camera fans that, hey, Van Halen were pretty good, but I doubt if any fans of fist-pumpin soft rock anthems swapped stadium rock for sophisticated bedsit pop after hearing Aztec Camera's Jump.

Nonetheless, teen fans would want to know the birth date, eye and hair colour, and height of Roddy Frame, Campbell Owens, Eddie Kulak, Dave Ruffy and Malcolm Ross. As I'm sure everyone does even today. So here they are:

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