Saturday, 7 December 2013

Best lyrics of 2013

I'd like to say that the Did Not Chart awards committee has given great thought to this enterprise, but really these are the first ones that sprang to mind. All great lines from great songs, though. And there is no committee. Or prize. But if any songwriters want to claim a prize you can have a free compilation CD I got at the independent label market last week.

Sweet Baboo - If I Died

And Daniel Johnston has written hundreds of great tunes
And I've got 6
So I guess there's some catching up to to
To tell you that I love you
To tell you that I'm sorry for what I am

Dog Legs - Memory Chester Lane

Boy number 4 kept fucking whores

Chastity Belt - James Dean

oh boy, when I fuck you
you make me feel like a prostitute
when you fuck me
yeah, I make you feel just like James Dean

Martha - Lost Without You

I threw my phone away,
So you couldn't call and I couldn't say,
The words I knew would eventually betray me

Trust Fund - We'll Both Apologise

I'm sorry that you had to listen to me play the guitar
For 3 hours and counting

Little Big League - Never Have I Ever Walked Away When the Time Was Right

And the beers they came and went, exposing the pornographic larks of our past
Filling the spaces we'd all chased to forget, I find peace in this

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Lesbian Wife

One day I'll be coming home
Watching NBA with my lesbian wife

Colour Me Wednesday - Bitter Boys

Only have angry songs written about me,
bitter boys making noise between their bedroom walls.
Gonna collect them up and make a mix cd,
probably get more radio play than me

Edwyn Collins - 31 Years of Rock n Roll

I've found a reason to carry on
Just for the thrill
I'm better now
I've made it through my life once more
I feel alive it's good to feel

Lady - Money

The whole bloody thing. A fantastic version of my favourite song of the year. The ladies are having such a good time. Especially when they do what I must accept as the international dance movement for "stormy". I hope this version gets released.

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