Thursday 19 June 2014

Lunchbox Loves You

It seems too strong to say that Lunchbox have been written out of history simply because they were never in it. They wouldn't have existed without Rocketship - whose jubilant keyboards and punchy guitar riffs inform Lunchbox's moves - who themselves haven't even got into the history books.

But Lunchbox Loves You, their 5th album, deserves at least a footnote of its own in pop history. Any 1 of these 10 songs could turn winter into summer. Past forays into shoegaze are gone and pop is all over the place. So Lunchbox Loves You shares sonic space with The Aisler Set's The Last Match, Beulah's When Your Heartstrings Break and The Fun and Games' Elephant Candy.

Sweet though this is, sickly it ain't. Like The Beach Boys, Lunchbox hide sadness in sunbeams. On Another Dance Floor they're just "trying to forget myself...I could be someone else". They're from California. Of course they are.

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