Tuesday 3 June 2014

The Chills

"When we first recorded Kaleidoscope World we thought, 'This is a definite radio song.' We thought the same with Doledrums. But they didn't get radio play, so I don't worry about it now."
NZ Herald, January 16 1987

"I'm continually writing, so as a result we're doing about 30 songs at the moment. There's another 16 completed ones we could be doing, and the basis for another 150."
TNT magazine, 1987

"What I want to do is catch those feelings that you have which aren't named. They're sort of not anger and they're not sorrow. They're those strange feelings I want to make universal so a person in any country could hear the bit of music and know what it meant."
I Love My Leather Jacket press release, Flying Nun UK, 1987

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