Tuesday 24 June 2014

Wildhoney: Seventeen forever

This has got everything last year's debut 7" ep had - squalling guitars, rapid-fire drums, gales of twisted noise - only more. It's almost perverse that Seventeen ("slow swing" etched on the run-out groove) gets the a-side billing when Get Out Of My Dreams and Soft Bats ("dream thing" on the run-out groove) share the b-side when those songs have got more zip in their engine.

No matter. This is Ecstasy-era My Bloody Valentine and early Pale Saints pop. I'm certain you're not bored of Joanna Gruesome yet - how could you be - but Wildhoney are more than 'if you like JoGru you'll love Wildhoney'. Way more. Because if I'm in charge of the charts then this goes to number one.

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