Tuesday 5 August 2014

An interview with The Clouds

The Clouds made one fexi and one single, 1986 to 87. That was it. People rightly still talk about them today. The brothers Charnley liked drinking and hated everything else, especially other indie bands and, rumour maintains, each other. But maybe that was the drink talking.

I only remember one interview with them, from the excellent Shy Like You zine:

Someone must have a load of Clouds demos. A retrospective would go down very well. For fun, compare and contrast Joanna Gruesome's Pantry Girl with Tranquil:


  1. Great Band!
    There was also a Janice Long BBC session in early 1987 that I have a poor quality recording of.

  2. Are the session songs all new (ie not versions of released songs)? This potential retrospective album should happen!

  3. As well as 'Village Green' & 'Jenny Nowhere' there were two other 'new' tracks that I can't remember the titles of.
    On the TEENAGE FANCLUB forum a while ago, Norman Blake hinted that there might be a CLOUDS retrospective at some point!

  4. I've never heard Village Green (yeah, I got the 7"; the 12" never turned up cheap later in a 2nd hand shop- that's the way I worked at 13/14 years-old). Hope the retro happens. There'll be a big - and young - audience for it.

  5. Aww, give 'Village Green' a listen on You Tube or whatever - you're in for a treat Ben!.
    Actually, I only recently got/heard THE SPRINGFIELDS' cover of 'Tranquil' on that great 'Ballad Of Ric Menck' comp!
    Just played the nth generation copy CDR I have of the 9/2/87 Janice Long session & the other two (equally good!) songs are called 'Round In Circles' & 'Thinking'. On the CDR (along with RAZORCUTS live in Edinburgh & THE SOUP DRAGONS 'The Sun Is In The Sky' songs!) is an even rougher 1986 CLOUDS live recording with some other unreleased tunes.

  6. Couldn't find Village Green streaming anywhere online. I'll wait until the retro!

  7. There was also a demo with;

    Marianne Tells Lies
    Round in Circles
    Here She Comes Now
    Mixed Up

    I wouldn't hold your breath on the demo, the comment from Norman Blake was made a long time a go