Friday, 8 August 2014

Ciggie Witch: Rock and Roll Juice

This has all the low-slung drawl of Lower Plenty and Dick Diver’s immediate pop appeal. Like Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, it’s got plenty of low-level alienation, basketball references on Internet and Taylors Lake, and a distinct sense of Australian suburban life.

They call this music dolewave, which is Australian for slacker rock, but there’s much more to what is an incredibly evocative and engaging album. Like Posse’s Soft Opening - maybe 2014’s most criminally unheralded record - Rock and Roll Juice is quietly affecting and, in places, genuinely moving.

Ciggie Witch’s gift for tender, countrified and careworn songs makes them the best bet since The Grand Archives’ exquisite debut 6 years ago to make the follow-up to Summerteeth that Wilco never nailed.

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