Thursday 14 August 2014

Haircut: Sweatshop

Funny, ain’t it, that of all the many great new bands from Melbourne in the past 3 years, there isn’t one you could say ‘that’s the new Lucksmiths’. You can now.

Haircut’s Sweatshop tape has got the misery and melody (World I’m From), the instant jangle (Sweatshop Mermaid) and the desperate suburban longing (Life After Extreme Weight Loss - neat titles, huh?) to mark it out as classic indiepop.

If this were the early 90s, Haircut would be on Summershine with The Rainyard, The Sugargliders and The Tender Engines. Don’t know those bands? Start with Haircut - the new stuff is always more exciting - and work backwards. You’ll have a great week.

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