Wednesday 5 August 2015

Camera Shy album

Let's Get Out Of This Country, Warmer Corners and High Land, Hard Rain. I hear bands that love those records but kneel at their feet instead of rubbing shoulders with them. Now Camera Shy have made an album that's got parts of those and stands tall on its own.

They're featherweight and atmospheric enough to recall Sarah Records bands like Brighter and St Christoper, only with more petrol in their engine. So think of the Dream Boys' sugar-spun paisley pop and Web of Sunsets' glassy beauty and you're somewhere close.

This album is 8 songs long. No doubt you'll want more. There's a single, Crystal Clear, and an ep, Jack-o-Lantern, that'll scratch that itch.


  1. Another good one Ben! Thank you & keep 'em coming!

  2. Brilliant! Where did you snag that little gem? I'll be there about 30ms after you replly :)


  3. Really cool video and catchy song!