Wednesday 27 December 2017

20 new songs from 2017

All new songs, pretty much all new acts, in what used to be the annual compilation I made for friends who have more important things to spend their money on than new records, or just not enough time.

"Used to be" because I'm not making CDs of this one, unless you fulfil the unlikely criteria of wanting a CD, I used to give you an annual compilation and you're reading this. Really? Get in touch.

I'm making no claims on this compilation's authority - I know, brilliant records by The Stroppies, Suggested Friends, The Love-Birds and Swiftumz, for example, aren't included - but I'll brook no argument on its quality.

Mental Haven - Hater

Malibu Entropy - Rips

Heart Paste - RVG

Know Where to Go - Dag

What Time Is It In Portland? - Bonny Doon

Go On Down - Snails

The Isle Of Arran - Loyle Carner

Samantha - Dave & J Hus

Figure It Out - Sprinters

Stupid Things - Girl Ray

Oh Well - Wurld Series

My God Has A Telephone - The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn, NY

How Quickly Your Heart Mends - Courtney Marie Andrews

Big School - Mo Troper

Old Time Feeling - Mope Grooves

Washing Machine - Marble Gods

Say Sue Me - Good For Some Reason

Climate Change - Display Homes

Latent Teenage Fantasy - The Whooperups

Secret - Honey Harper

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