Sunday, 17 December 2017

Honey Harper - Universal Country

In which William Fussell from Mood Rings and Promise Keeper packs up the keyboards, ditches the trance, waves goodbye to electropop and decides he wants to make music "that sounds like The Carpenters and Simon Garfunkel having a baby, and then Merle Haggard and Townes Van Zandt made a baby. Then those two babies grow up and get married in Texas."

It's an excellent decision. This music sounds like it was written during the morning's first glass of whiskey and recorded after the evening's last beer. It's country music at its most vulnerable and passionate, all drowsy and romantically resigned.

In a year where country has informed some of the best indie records - Dag's Benefits Of Solitude and Bonny Doon's debut, for starters - where Courtney Marie Andrews has made one of the best albums and where even Son Volt made a comeback, Honey Harper's earnest romanticism stands tall.

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