Thursday 14 December 2017

Mo Troper - Exposure & Response

Matthew Sweet said about powerpop: “Somebody who’s just discovered The Who, the Raspberries and The Kinks will make it sound new and organically interesting again. People ought to stop saying, ‘Rock is dead’.”

Powerpop supremo Mo Troper has a song, Big School, on his new album that I had to check isn’t a cover version. It’s got a pop perfection that suggests it’s always existed. If you get it, and surely you will, then it’ll probably be in your life forever.

Exposure & Response sets out its stall with Rock And Roll Will Change The World. I can’t dispute its optimism and can only revel in this album’s simple teenage beat of extreme emotions where either school’s just about to break for summer or your girl left you and you’re waiting by the telephone.

A final word for Dictator Out Of Work, which sounds like a lost Beulah song (man, I love Beulah), all trumpets, melancholy and sweet despair. I love this Mo Troper album, too. Rumours of rock’s death are greatly exaggerated.

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