Sunday 19 August 2012

Fine Steps - Boy's Co

There won't be another LP like Boy's Co this year. There wasn't one anything like it last year and unless Fine Steps follow up their intriguing, bewitching and compulsive debut, there won't be one next year.

I've got some idea of where Fine Steps are coming from - Gun Club punk blues, David Kilgour enigma, Television art punk, Modern Lovers desperate wonder - but no idea where they're going. Boy's Co could have been released in post-punk's confusion, a time you feel that bands were stepping out into the darkness and seeing by the stars.

Fine Steps (or Julian Elorduy, a maths teacher in California, plus friends) have a gift of hearing what others have not heard. There are 250 copies of Boy's Co. Everyone who buys this record will know it to be very special.

05 Orestes by Fine Steps

01 Dig Me In by Fine Steps

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