Sunday 12 August 2012


The Australian underground is on fire. I bet you know about the rumble of Bitch Prefect, the gloriously untidy Scott & Charlene's Wedding, and the pocket-sized psychedelic symphonies of Milk Teddy. Make more room in your (tape) collection for Velcro.

Biography? "Curtis Wakeling and his lo-fi bedroom recordings." That's all you need to know. The music is closer to Milk Teddy out of Velcro's contemporaries. It's closer still to an older generation of Australian bands.

There's the brooding poetic vignettes of Sulk, the offbeat ruggedness of Sleepy Township, the spare melodic gift of The Sugargliders and the insistent, brittle bedroom pop anthems of The Go-Betweens' Before Hollywood and Spring Hill Fair vintage.

If your favourite Lucksmiths songs are I Prefer The Twentieth Century and The Cassingle Revival, then you'll love Velcro. There is a cassette, Life At Sea. There are only 30 copies. Get it while you can.

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