Saturday 18 August 2012

Funk Is Ruling My Head

Love the title; fucking love the song. Funk Is Ruling My Head is one of the stand-out tracks from the superb Together album by Pitch & Scratch. A great many of Together's songs could be singles, but this one gets the deal because it's the most retro-funk of the lot, and if a current track's got the old soul or funk flavour, then it's odds-on to be issued on 7".

Pitch & Scratch - Funk Is Ruling My Head feat. Alex Prince by Pitch & Scratch

Funk Is Ruling My Head isn't that old skool - it's more in the lineage of 90s funk which pretty much got stopped in its tracks by an R&B takeover. If you like En Vogue more than Missy Elliott (I for sure do) then this is a song for you.

And if you like hip hop, ragga, Latin soul and tropicalia, then Together is the moveable feast for you.

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