Monday 6 August 2012

The White Wires - WWIII

The White Wires have got more beat, more bounce and more meat on the bones than any other powerpop band out there. Where their second album cleaned up the garage for a brighter sound, White Wires III is brighter and bigger still.

They’ve taken their own advice from Popularity on their second lp, “pick up a microphone and start to play, you can write the next big craze”, and made a party record chock-a-block with knockout pop songs. Want a record as good as Hypnotised by The Undertones? You got it.

If White Wires II was an album sometimes in thrall to its influences – song titles tipped their hat to The Beach Boys (Be True To Your School ('Til You Get Kicked Out)), the Raspberries (Just Wanna Be With You) and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (Bye Bye Baby) – then White Wires III is the sound of a band coming into its own and matching its idols.

White Wires III is a celebration of pop music. It’s Been A While eulogises the thrill of being in a band – “it’s all about first times, nothing else matters to me” – with the same energy they devote to falling for girls, and Please Write is a love letter to a favourite band, a “punk rock band on top of the pops”.

This record couldn’t be any clearer in its intentions. But in case you miss it, they’ve written liner notes: “We’ve done wild songs, we’ve done nasty songs, we’ve done love songs, and we wanted this one to be a little bit of it all, while still making its own mark in our collection. From the outset, this album was to be our pop album. In the mix, we wanted to have some party rockers, lots of hooks, lots of bass lines, some classic power chords, and a clear view into our souls.”

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