Sunday 8 February 2015

American Wrestlers

EDIT: pay no attention to the 'facts' in this post. They're probably not facts. Rest assured, I've sacked my entire research team. They're now adding 'citation needed' to every wiki post mentioning World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as penance.

They had me at 'ex-Outdoor Miners', because that Canadian band made 2 perfect EPs 5/6 years ago that nodded at Bug and Crooked Rain before leaving a note in rock's back pages marked 'youthful slacker folly' and moving on.

The Miners' (as no one called them) Mac DeMarco has since released a couple of albums on Captured Tracks (as well as a shit-ton of 7"s) but American Wrestlers will appeal more to Pavement and Dinosaur Jr fans. There's an album out on Fat Possum in April.

Since we've got this far, you're going to ask about the other Outdoor Miners alumnus, Peter Sagar. You'll no doubt remember Sans AIDS fondly - if anyone wants to reissue Little Brown Girl (50 copies sold out at the release show 6 years ago) then you've got a buyer right here. For some reason - can't think why - Sagar was persuaded the band name should be changed.

So now it's Homeshake, and Sagar has gone from garage rock to slo-mo jams and slacker rock to west coast hip hop.

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