Thursday 12 February 2015

Foam On The Daydream: Chloe's Lung

Because you want to hear The Cure in 1981 swap the goth undertone for krautrock propulsion.

Because it's Bentley and Dee from Help Stamp Out Loneliness, the 2 essential members from one of the best, and regrettably short-lived, bands of the last 5 years.

You'd remember HSOL if you saw them. You wouldn't forget them. Dee was the singer who sang with Nico's cool detachment and a snarl that called to mind Danny Baker's bon mot about Johnny Rotten looking like he's seen more sex than a policeman's torch. Bentley was the main songwriter and guitarist who despite preparing for a gig by drinking relentlessly for at least 10 hours, hit every note and sweet spot. God, I miss them.

If this were a new HSOL song and you didn't like it, I'd have you removed from the building and taken care of by security. Even so, this side dish from 2 of HSOL is better than the main courses served by many bands. You'll love it.

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