Saturday 28 February 2015

Even As We Speak: an Australian pop band

We got together in Sydney in 1986 with the vague intention of starting a cow-punk band...We released a four track 7 inch record which was a punk thing t do, although we weren't sure that we qualified as punks.

Even As We Speak family tree, 1987:

Insert to second single, I Won't Have To Think About You: "EAWS have recorded another single, a double a side of Blue Suburban Skies and Bizarre Love Triangle. This single will be available soon but not under the name Even As We Speak. So keep your ears open for the new single and the new name.

Even As We Speak don't change their name:

They look like this in 1987:

John Peel plays Goes So Slow at least 3 times in late 1989. Another Sunny Day's You Should All Be Murdered gets played on the same show one night. Reader, I thought they were both better than Snuff and Mudhoney. This single is on Phantom so is on coloured vinyl. That's what Phantom did. See also: The Hummingbirds

A year later, Sarah reissue the Blue Suburban Skies and Goes So Slow singles on one 7". In the meantime, there's one last, amazing, record for Phantom:

Even As We Speak move to the UK. They record 3 Peel sessions and one other BBC Radio One session. They play some brilliant gigs. Really, they were so much better live than most of their peers.

They have enough of a penurious life on the road, overcrowded vans, bad food and dirty floors in student houses. They go back to Australia at the end of 1993. There's a sort-of comeback single in 2000:

There's a reunion gig in Sydney in 2012. My bank manager laughs at the suggestion I attend. I plead my case strongly. I'm escorted from the premises. What a band.

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