Saturday 14 February 2015

Milton Wright: original Friends and Buddies

Friends and Buddies is one of those albums every 70s soul fan has; if the original folk-funk version had been released in 1975 then you suspect it would be one of those albums most music fans either knew or had.

As Milton - now a retired judge in Boston - says: "If I had stuck with the first version of the album I might have been more successful." The issue of the first version is lot more Terry Callier than Stevie Wonder; stripped of keyboards its subtlety makes it more powerful and direct.

The release of original Friends and Buddies most likely won't put Milton Wright in the hall of fame, but if I were president then I'd announce a national holiday in celebration.

My music is the product of my Miami experience; the Caribbean and Latino influence; my midwestern sojourn; the Boston grooming and Gospel roots.

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