Friday 28 August 2015

hMAS: Fear God Honour The King

It's Hobart, Tasmania. It's the 1990s. Two amateur punks are looking for a drummer who's young and insane. They abuse an old drum machine until it breaks. They play annoyingly loud songs about swearing and Mexico.

They record an album in 1997. Almost 20 years later <s>there's a bidding war</s> Homeless fight RIP Society in a pub car park over who can release it. Homeless win.

hMAS sound like the Buzzcocks songs that never made it to 7". They sound like Bailter Space trying to make sense of heavy metal. They sound like Hawkwind with Kim Deal on bass. And they sound like Wire setting fire to an art school.

No one else was making batshit insane music this good in 1997. Look through Homeless's or Hozac's catalogue for who's making this sort of noise now.

Listen to Extravert because blogspot's not embedding links

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