Monday 24 August 2015

Sleuth: Out of the Blue Period

The simple response to this richly melodic indiepop is: this is what happens when people grow up on The Smiths' literate jangle and fall in love with The Sundays' enveloping atmosphere.

Yes, there's Morrissey-style distressed cries and teen ennui, but look beyond and there's much more. Like the intuitive punk-funk of A Finely Tuned Machine, like the way they freshen up The Feelies' drone with some sparkle (did someone say Allo Darlin?) and their way with swirling vintage keyboards like The Cardigans' Life.

Sleuth have been releasing music for 4 years. This is their first album. They've absorbed some great music and come up with something intelligent and dramatic and entrancing of their own.

The romantic in me - they'll bring out the romantic in you as well - will want them to get the same attention as their heroes. I probably thought the same thing about The Siddeleys and Walker Kong years ago, but I know I still listen to and love those bands.

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